Richard B. Schultz, Ph.D., C.P.G.

Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of Cincinnati


Dr. Schultz is the senior author of more than 60 publications in international journals and periodicals. His research focuses on distance learning, spatial cognition, GIS applications, and professional development for educators in the geosciences. The coordinator of the GIS Certificate Program, Dr. Schultz teaches Earth System Science, GIS, courses in intercultural studies and off-campus experiences, as well as global climate change, Geology of National Parks. Dr. Schultz also teaches in the Honors Program.

Office: Daniels Hall, 316
Mailbox: 75
Phone: (630) 617-3128
Fax: (630) 617-3739

  • GEO/BID: 103 Ocean Studies (Hybrid Format; co-taught with Dr. Merrilee Guenther, Biology Department)
  • FYS 100: The Science of Learning (Fall Term)
  • GEO 102: Earth System Science (Hybrid Format)
  • GEO 105: Introduction to Atmospheric Science (Online)
  • GEO 207: Introduction to Spatial Thinking (Online)
  • GEO 305: Geology of National Parks (J-Term)
  • GEO 390: Geography & Geosciences Cultural Study & Off-Campus Experience (Australia; T-Term in odd-number years)
  • ICS 280: Intercultural Experiential (Hawai'i; T-Term in odd number years)